Become a mentor

Mentorship at StartUp Heart means endless meetings with young, ambitious people, cooperation and mentoring in the development and implementation of their project.
The startup movement in Belarus is just developing and you can contribute to its growth.
StartUp Heart is an opportunity to hold master classes, lectures, share experience, and talk about yourself and your company.
What you get
Promotion of your activities in the media and our social networks
High level of organization
of work with projects
Opportunity to find good specialists in the team
Experience of interacting with projects from different fields
Opportunity to find points of cooperation, implementation of projects
Ability to work with projects in the field of innovation
Our mentors
Natalya Starostina Managing Partner. VC and startups event.,
Sergey Krasakovich
Marketing Director at Lingvanex, Co-Founder KC Digita and ProWeb, Founder Seoweb and Kras Consult
Ivan Muravyov
Head of agency and full-stack marketer
Eva Snetkova
Ex-KinderMBA, - Rybakov Foundation, -, - Unium. Now - my own (Unified State Exam courses)
Yulia Bashko
Leader of the support group "Ice girls", member of the board of Angels Band
Olga Kholodovich
Startup manager and business consultant with experience in developing gaming products.
Daria Alifanova
INNOPORT corporate accelerator tracker | 15+ years of experience in sales, marketing, project management.
Yulia Mesoedova

Investor and mentor of the 3rd and 4th seasons
Yan Gulevich
Alexander Shlyaev
Researcher, entrepreneur, investor, engineer. - co-founder of "" (2010), "" (2016); - first mentor of "Cropfleet" (2019); - mentor of the winning project in the competition of innovative projects of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus (2022); - founder of the startup studio "" (2022). Nominated by the startup community for the title "Mentor of the Year" (2019).

More than 9 years of digital transformation and development of technical solutions for business.
Aliya Grieg
Founder of the CEO of Cosmos City and Human Cosmos app: startups that make space closer and clearer.
Kirill Sidorchuk
Co-founder of startups Oyper and Oybox, Forbes Business Council member, CEO at Jasnasoft
Natalia Iskortseva
Headmaster of a private school in Stembridge
Alexander Brilyonok
Deputy Development Director of Human Systems LLC
Kristina Klimovich
CIS Marketing Director at GeekBrains (EdTech platform)
Sofia Asayonok
project leader
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The first international youth Startup support space, created by students of the Economics Department of BSU, where any projects both at the stage of idea and MVP can take part.
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