Обладаете ценными знаниями и готовы поделиться ими с инициативными людьми? Предпринимательство – ваше второе имя? Поделитесь своим опытом и навыками на спикерской сессии Startup Heart.
Have valuable knowledge and ready to share it with the initiative kids? Entrepreneurship is your middle name? Share your experience and skills at the StartUp Heart speaker session. Charge your energy to enthusiastic minds and help them to develop their projects further.

Become a speaker

Become a speaker

What you get
Gifts and gratitude
A way to announce yourself or your business
Improve your public speaking skills
Opportunity to share your knowledge
New useful contacts
Contribute to the startup movement in Belarus

Our speakers

Chairman of the Association of Trackers of Belarus. Owner of the event staff agency, commercial director of the Machine Vision Laboratory
Co-founder / CEO Oyper Inc

Julia Bashko

Accelerator tracker INNOPORT | CEO of SkinScreen startup | 15+ years of experience in sales, marketing, project management | Cases of sales growth up to 1300%
Daria Alifanova
Kirill Sidorchuk
Investment analyst at RBF Ventures.
Julia Mesoedova
Founder of Oxygen Technologies Former member of StartUp Heart.
Andrey Kapitonov
More than 9 years of digital transformations and development of technical solutions for business, including web products.

Jan Gulevich
Kristina Klimovich
Marketing Director at 1AK-GROUP
Sofia Asayonok
project leader
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